Mission Statement

Our mission is to professionally manage, instruct, develop, and produce upcoming and seasoned artist from all genres; through guidance, education, and knowledge of the industry. Our hope is to initiate assertive change, positive impact, enhance, and optimize wisdom in all artist that they are competently prepared to continually succeed in the industry.

Meet Thirteen Butterflies

Gloria Domina


Gloria Domina is a resident of the Lehigh Valley and community activist involved in many organizations against bullying, domestic violence and promoting the arts and music .

She is a two time Grammy Nominee and Grammy winning Producer. She was previously a Governor of the Recording Academy, the Philadelphia Chapter.  She is currently an Ambassador of the Recording Academy’s Philadelphia Chapter.  She is Board Member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association and Director of the Lehigh Valley Music Awards . She is the Public Relations Director for the K9 Kop Project. In 2015 she launched her jewelry line, “TREDICI FARFALLA” . She is a visual artist and songwriter and producer, as well as the founder of THIRTEEN BUTTERFLIES PRODUCTIONS LLC.

She has won numerous awards including Local, Statewide and National Woman of the Year and has been recognized by local and state Representatives, Mayors and the Governor.

William S. Nophlin Sr.


Co-Founder of Thirteen Butterflies Productions.  William Nophlin Sr. has co-produced events in the Baltimore, Maryland area; Experience in Supervision and Management; He has been the co-owner and also been involved in the daily operations of two other small but very profitable business projects;  He is a songwriter and co-producer on many small project events and videos; He has an AA degree in General Studies and an AA degree in Media, Sound and Music Production. He has worked part-time for City Entertainment Systems Inc. of Walnutport, Pa.  as a Crew Member; Volunteered for many musical events of the Arts from 2011 to the present in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania;  He is a Member of BMI; currently he is studying at Berklee College of Music in the Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Professional Music Studies program.


Wendy Smale


Lehigh Valley based artist, poet and community supporter.